A Mother

_MG_0624A Mother is a short dramatic film about a woman who chooses to abort her third child. The film follows Agnes from the doctor’s office, where she receives abortion pills for her pregnancy,  to her busy life at home as a wife and mother to two boys. As Agnes contemplates her decision to abort while performing her daily responsibilities, a report about the disappearance of a little Black girl and the case’s racist implications pushes her over the edge, sending her on and journey to find the girl and her sense of self.

As a filmmaker I’ve been consistently interested in representing the challenges and layers of motherhood, particularly as it pertains to Black women in the United States. I was surprised to learn that more than half of all abortions that happen in the United States are performed on women who are already mothers. Yet somehow, the narratives we’re fed about abortion are overwhelmingly about the irresponsible, promiscuous teenager. Or the rape survivor. Or poor women in physically abusive relationships. And while those stories all deserve to be heard, they don’t represent half the story of abortion in the U.S.

In this current political climate, with emboldened, ill-informed politicians threatening to overthrow Roe vs. Wade or limit the option of abortion to “extreme” cases, women like Agnes will be left behind. Abortion is a complicated and often heartbreaking choice, but one that can save lives in ways that aren’t often discussed. This is what I wanted to show with “A Mother”.

A Mother was the recipient of of ScreenCraft’s 2018 Fall Film Fund and made its international premiere at the Abuja International Film Festival in Nigeria.

In 2020 it was an Official Selection of the Palms Spring International Shortfest, Maryland Film Festival, Lower East Side Film Festival, BlackStar Film Festival, Hayti Heritage Film FestivalSeattle Black Film Festival and the San Francisco Black Film Festival.